My very ‘first’

Yes, its about firsts! Writing has generally not been my daily practice until lately when I started this writing course. Previously, daily writing was for reflection after I have read a book chapter(s), and that was a few lines if any. I wouldn’t call it fun, but then again, it is not a boring activity.   As of now, it appears that as I begin to write, I write some more.

Writing is an activity that sends mixed feelings.  I have to engage my mind, focus on what is and my opinion about what should be. In a sense, I feel like my privacy has been invaded; my thoughts could be read by another person which may cause their opinion of me to change. For example, I live in a society which is generally collectivist. Divergent views of what is considered acceptable as a result of exposure to a different lifestyle may not only ruin friendships but also potentially isolate me. So yes, it can be dreadful at times.

I would like to add creativity to my writing.  Reading through the few writings I have done previously, I can barely get to the second one.  Perhaps better use of the English language richness may help; an idiom here, a proverb there, a metaphor…you know something to captivate the reader- even the write. I would like to write for science and religion.